About Scuba Schools International Courses

The Scuba Shop employs several SSI-certified Dive Instructors. Scuba Schools International (SSI) was founded in 1970 by a group of divers with the goal of making it possible for anyone to scuba dive. SSI focuses on the value of communication and cooperation above and below the service, in addition to providing high-quality and affordable instruction. The SSI Digital Learning System utilizes technology to strengthen the learning experience through a variety of professional videos, illustrations, animations, photos, and text. Students can complete the academic portion of their course either through SSI's website or via the MySSI app. Finally, seven of SSI's programs include certifications that meet the International Standards for a Global ISO Certification.

SSI Diamond Diver Philosophy

SSI's curriculum was created to include four distinct components: Knowledge, Skills, Equipment, and Experience. Together, these four components make up the SSI Diamond Diver Philosophy.

SSI is rooted in the idea that Knowledge replaces anxiety and fear with correct information. The SSI program uses several methods of differentiated instruction to ensure that the student can receive this knowledge in a way that is best suited for them. Students can choose from traditional training, home study, or online training, and the online training includes a variety of professional illustrations, video, charts, and text.

A proven method to learn essential Skills is through correct and continuous repetition so that the skills become second nature and can be performed correctly almost automatically. In fact, "Comfort Through Repetition" is one of the mantras that SSI instructors are taught. Your instructor will ensure that you have plenty of practice time to thoroughly learn each skill before moving onto the next.

Understanding your Equipment is the third important point of the Diamond Diver Philosophy. SSI instructors teach both how to successfully operate and properly care for diving equipment, whether it is your own or rented. If you choose to invest in your own equipment, you'll have a better idea of knowing what you need and how to use and store it thanks to your SSI instructors.

Experience refers to getting in the water and actually practicing your diving experience. SSI encourages divers to participate in more open water dives during training than only the minimum required to help foster a love of diving and ensure that the student feels comfortable putting their skills to use.